• Sonja Case, BHMS (SCU), M.Chiro (Macq)

    Sonja Case, BHMS (SCU), M.Chiro (Macq)

    I was born in Ireland, moved to Australia as a teenager and completed high school here in Toowoomba. I then went on to study Human Movement Science (Sport Science) at Southern Cross University, majoring in Exercise Physiology, before completing my Masters in Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney.

    Although I now thoroughly enjoy providing chiropractic care to the families of Toowoomba, it is a career I discovered by accident. I had never been introduced to chiropractic as a child, nor had any of my family had chiropractic care, and was completely unaware of the benefits of chiropractic, so I never dreamt I would end up being a chiropractor. However, having worked for a chiropractor as a teenager and witnessing first-hand the different problems often helped by chiropractic, I started getting chiropractic care myself and eventually decided it was a field that interested me… and thankfully (after all that study) I’ve loved it ever since.

    My focus… is to not only to help correct your spine with your chiropractic care, but to also work with you to determine what you have been doing to cause the problem in the first place. I can then advise you on how to minimise the chance of reinjuring the area again. I can also use my exercise physiology background to assist you with rehabilitation and strengthening exercises to maximise the benefit of your chiropractic care and minimise your chance of re-injury.  To put it like many of my patients… that basically means I nag you… so that you help yourself and need me less.

    • If you are a new mum, I can advise you on to care for your precious newborn without causing yourself unnecessary strain.
    • If you are an athlete with a recurrent injury, I can assess and advise you on how you may be able to recover better.
    • If you are an office worker, I can advise you on best work practices to help minimise neck and shoulder pain and other repetitive work related strain.

    I will always give you an honest opinion based on my knowledge and experience. I have a strong working relationship with many health professionals in the Toowoomba region. I work with and refer to massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors, podiatrists and at times even other chiropractors with different areas of interest or techniques. If chiropractic is not the answer to your problem or it needs a different approach, different type of treatment, or requires further testing I will refer you to the appropriate health professional.

    You can contact Sonja at our Toowoomba practice by telephoning (07) 4635 3555 or emailing toowoomba@backtohealthchiro.com.au

  • Matt Lonsdale, B.Sc., M.Chiro

    Matt Lonsdale, B.Sc., M.Chiro

    As I have gone through my life I realise there are a few things that are very important to me – family, friends and health.

    Family, we love and accept them for who they are. My family are awesome, they have helped me a lot along the way. I am also lucky enough that many of you have become part of my extended family and I am really enjoying watching us all get older.

    With friends, we have the luxury of choice and thankfully this is often the case with our health. We can choose our friends and in many instances, we can choose to be healthy! Chiropractic to me, may often be an important part of our choice to be healthy. I was fortunate to have experienced the benefits of chiropractic from a very young age.

    I was born and raised in Canberra. I did all my schooling there until I went to university to study chiropractic. I studied at the University of New South Wales for my undergraduate Science degree and then Macquarie University for my postgraduate Chiropractic studies. I then moved from Sydney to Warwick in 1998.

    Years ago when I was dreaming about what I would like my practice to be like, it was going to have lots of families in it and lots of people full of energy and laughter. I think we have achieved this. I can truly say I am so very lucky to be doing something I enjoy so very much.

    I take what I do very seriously but life is too short not to be able to share a laugh or a smile and part of my ethos is that when you leave our office, we hope you will leave with a smile as well.

    Health to me is not something you just have, it is something you have to work on, each and every day. It is a fine balancing act, we all know we should brush our teeth to keep them clean and to stop them rotting, but what else do we need to do? I believe we may be able to help you fill in some of the gaps in what else you may be able to do to be healthy.

    You can contact Matt at our Warwick practice on (07) 4661 1611 or warwick@backtohealthchiro.com.au

  • Stacey Marshall, Dip. RMT

    Stacey Marshall, Dip. RMT

    I have lived in Toowoomba since 1998 after moving from the Sunshine Coast. During my time on the Coast I worked as a property manager in Mooloolaba and found the profession particularly demanding. With a young family I decided a less stressful career path was for me.

    After completing my Diploma of Remedial Massage in Toowoomba and Brisbane, I realised I was drawn more to the clinical side of remedial therapy, such as injury recovery, rehabilitation and muscle tension release more than the relaxation side of massage. Having clients walk into my treatment room in pain and walk out pain-free is immensely satisfying. Having clients who have been able to cancel shoulder surgery after receiving successful remedial therapy shows how effective remedial massage can be.

    As a long-time recipient of chiropractic care, combining remedial massage and chiropractic was a natural progression for me. My clients often see far greater results from combining the two than simply massage alone. I’m a firm believer in dealing with aches and pains as they occur, rather than ignoring the discomfort or popping a pain-killer. Regular remedial massage treatments often helps keep those annoying aches and pains at bay, so pain medication hopefully may not be necessary. My clients range from toddlers to the elderly and everyone in between. My therapy is always personalised for each client depending on their needs. Whether it be remedial, sports, deep tissue or relaxation massage, I will work with you to find the best treatment for you and your family.

    If you would like an appointment for remedial massage with Stacey in our Toowoomba practice, please contact her directly on 0427 004 591.