• Back to Health Chiropractic focuses on helping people feel their best. We want you to feel better and function better so you are able to get back to work, play your sport or simply be able to pick up your baby or chase your toddler around.We have a wonderful professional and efficient front desk team whom you’ll find to be extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating and work together to deliver a brand of chiropractic service that we hope you find is above your expectation. We take what we do very seriously but we also believe life is too short not to be able to share a laugh or a smile and we hope when you leave our office you may feel better in many ways.
  • We Have Years of Experience

    We Have Years of ExperienceMatt has been in practice since 1996, Sonja since 2000 and Debbie has been involved in chiropractic practices since 1983. We are very proud of the wealth of experience and knowledge we have as a team to assist with your health needs. Over 20 years of individual clinical experience means we’ve seen and treated a wide range of conditions.

    We will give you honest opinions based our knowledge and experience. We have strong working relationships with many health professionals in the Toowoomba and Warwick regions. We work with and refer to massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors, podiatrists and at times even other chiropractors with different techniques or areas of interest. If chiropractic is not the answer to your problem or it needs a different approach or type of treatment, or requires further testing we will refer you to the appropriate health professional. If we feel your condition requires further assessment via x-ray, our x-ray referral service is usually a same day service. Please feel free to discuss your health concerns with us so we can determine if we can help with yours.

  • We Listen & We Care

    We Listen & We CareWe’re interested in your health, the issues you are experiencing and the changes you are noticing. Our focus is to analyse your case thoroughly to provide the best advice and service to you. It is very important for us to be able to understand what is happening to you. We pride ourselves in listening to you as we believe it is one of the most important aspects of a practitioner-patient relationship. We need and want you to feel free to tell us what is happening as that allows us to adapt your care as required.

    We are privileged to have such a friendly, helpful and efficient front desk team who understand their role in your health care and do their utmost to accommodate your needs.

  • We’re Part of Your Community

    We're Part of Your CommunityWe’ve been practicing in the district for a couple of decades now, and our helpful and professional team will work to achieve the best outcomes for you for many years to come. We feel we have a wonderfully balanced team where each person has their own unique skill set, and when we all combine as part of your health care team, something special is produced. We value being considered part of our local community and enjoy supporting local business, sporting events and the charities close to our hearts. We have made this district our home for many years now, and plan to be here to help with your chiropractic needs for many more to come.

  • Benefits For Your Whole Family

    Benefits for Your Whole FamilyWe dreamed of creating an environment for the whole family, one in which we hope everyone feels welcome. Chiropractic care may often be of benefit, no matter what our age or stage of life. At Back to Health Chiropractic we care for and can accommodate all ages and members of the family.

    We have specific techniques and facilities for different ages – for babies, children, elderly, less mobile and even for pregnant mums. We have tables that rise to the vertical position and lower to horizontal for our elderly or less mobile patients (yes all the kids love to “ride” the table too!) We have special pillows to accommodate the pregnant tummy. We have plenty of toys, books, activities and a dedicated kids’ area for our junior patients to allow for a more relaxing environment for those in reception and also allow parents to relax in comfort for their own chiropractic care knowing their children are happy and occupied.

  • We Have The Chirobugs Kids Club

    Chirobugs Kids ClubWe have our own special club just for kids – the Chirobugs Kids Club – “one bug your kids should catch”! If your child is one of our “junior” patients and you would like more information about our Chirobugs Kids Club, please feel free to ask at your next visit.